These are some of my favorite tortilla chips of all time! How can something so tasty have zero trans fats, no cholesterol, Kosher, Non-GMO, AND gluten free? Can I hear a WHAT, WHAT?!

I have been buying these tortilla chips for a year now and absolutely love all their flavors, taste, and overall quality of product I get in every bite. My favs are the Guacamole, Multigrain, Olive, Sweet Potato, Blue Corn, and Cantina … so I guess basically every kind. Seriously THAT good.

These tortilla chips are my go-to for parties or that random mid afternoon craving for chips and salsa.

Today, my friends over @foodshouldtastegood are willing to give away a free variety box of tortilla chips delivered right to your doorstep!!

Head on over to Life Sweetened on IG to enter to win this variety box of Food Should Taste Good chips!


Food Should Taste Good Giveaway




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