Welcome to Life Sweetened!

My name is Courtney McLachlan and I am a junior high and high school teacher living in Colorado with my hubby.

Life Sweetened was created in 2011 and mainly focused on recipes. Almost a year after it was created the site was hacked and all my recipes (100 or so) were lost. Talk about a sad day! However, it gave me time to focus on other things in our lives. Now LifeSweetened is completely new and revamped by my amazing, techy, and smart husband, Mark.

Life Sweetened is where I will share not only recipes but several passions I enjoy, including our day to day lives. Fitness, DYI-ing, house renovating, teaching, crafting, and spending lots of snuggle time with our pets (chiweenies and a calico).

You can follow me through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Vine.

And may we always add a little sweetness to our lives.

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